A little history


Les Dessous “(understand , our underwear) are doing “ the Buzz “

in 2012, “LINGERIE FRANCAISE“ exhibition in Paris, Dubai, London and Shanghai. The biggest French brands gathered to celebrate 100 years of lingerie industry. 260 pieces were

thus sh
own to visitors from 1880’s to today.

Corset in 1887

In 2013 "THE MECHANICS OF UNDERWEAR" in Paris. Intrusive history of the silhouette. 200 parts are exposed, the oldest is a pourpoint from 1370. All devices used to enhance male virility and shape the silhouette of women (Paniers, faux-culs, fraise, pourpoint, braguette, chausses, crinoline, corsets à baleine, corset, buscs, tournures) from XIV century collections up to today.

"Faux-Cul" from 1887