Quality charter



Recognize and promote the expertise of artisans, know the origin of the finished products are part of my ethics.

Focus on Fair Trade is also part of my personal commitments. Out of six brands I represent, two of them are fair trade compliant. Lingerie and Swimsuit Cache-Coeur for mothers (Thailand) . A new range of 100% organic cotton lingerie for mums in now available with Cache-Coeur.

Origin of products

All products represented by Mademoiselle From Paris (Lingerie & Swimwear) are drawn, designed and prototyped in France & Europe..

All raw materials used in the manufacture of lingerie (Lace, Calais lace, tulle, silk, velvet ...) are excellent products and come from France & Europe.

They are thus guaranteeing high quality.

The lingerie lines are assembled in France, Thailand.

Swimsuits are assembled in Tunisia & Thailand.

Underwear for Men are made in South America for MaleBasics and Portugal for Pull In.

No products from China.